Rock and Roll Report Podcast #32 – It’s Back to Where It Began

This is the third and final podcast featuring a look back at the first 15 Rock and Roll Report Podcasts. This week’s edition in my opinion really flows well and as usual is best served at very high volume on something other than an iPod!

As usual please feel free to email me with suggestions of both bands and labels that you think might fit in on the Rock and Roll Report and I will check them out. You can contact me at or you can leave a comment on the voice comment line at 206-339-3646.

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I will be skipping next week’s podcast as I will most probably be recovering from Indie Week in Toronto but it will be back in two weeks with more amazing indie and unsigned rock and roll to make your ears smile and your knees shake.

Here is what I played this week:

  1. Rock and Roll Report Podcast Intro by Featured on Fridays
  2. Sin by Daphne as played on Podcast #2
  3. Sex Drug by Popgun from Podcast #12
  4. Let Her Go by The Meddling Kids from Podcast #18 (oops!)
  5. Here We Go Again by The Galaxies from Podcast #13
  6. M.I.L.F. by Big Cock from the Sex and Rock and Roll Podcast
  7. The Machine Gun Song by Bang Sugar Bang from Podcast #2
  8. My Fate by Victims of Circumstance from Podcast #12
  9. All Together Now by The GoStation from Podcast #8
  10. Dr. King by Death Can Dance from Podcast #14
  11. Stay by Handsome Devil from Podcast #4
  12. Rock and Roll Report Podcast Outro by Featured on Fridays