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Rock and Roll Report Podcast #35 – The Devil You Know

This week’s podcast was delayed by about 12 hours as I normally record it on the Tuesday night before releasing it on Wednesdays but I got caught up in following the election coverage in the States and didn’t get a chance to record it.

That being said I hope you really enjoy this week’s edition of The Rock and Roll Report. Once again I feature 10 tracks that I hope rock your socks off or at least inspire a bit of dashboard drumming and humming. All the bands played are either unsigned or are on independent record labels but all rock with authority in my opinion.

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Here is what I played this week:

  1. Rock and Roll Report Podcast Intro by Featured On Fridays
  2. The Devil You Know by Crash Kelly – Buy it on Crash Kelly - One More Heart Attack - The Devil You Know
  3. Emancipate by Mission to Felspar – Buy it on Mission to Felspar - October Sky - Emansipate
  4. Born Yesterday by The Dudes Terrific – Buy it on The Dudes Terrific - Born Yesterday - Born Yesterday
  5. The One by A Birdsong Valentine
  6. Happy Place by Revolution Kill Pill – Buy it on Revolution Kill Pill - Revolution Kill Pill - Happy Place
  7. Hot Leaded Woman by Surefire Machine
  8. See Yourself by Tenth Planet – Buy it on Tenth Planet - Everything Is Never Over - See Yourself
  9. Occam’s Razor by Tragic Orange
  10. Rock and Roll Disease by DC4
  11. Place Called Home by The Tender Box
  12. Rock and Roll Report Podcast Outro by Featured On Fridays

DC4: Explode (limited edition)THE TENDER BOX: The Score