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Rock and Roll Report Podcast #38 – The Beer and Tequila Pool Party Anniversary Show!

This week’s show marks the one year anniversary of The Rock and Roll Report Podcast and to celebrate I invite everybody to the first annual Rock and Roll Report Podcast Beer and Tequila Pool Party! OK you will have to supply the beer, tequila and pool but I will supply the music.

Playing a selection of great tracks played over the last year, this week’s podcast is a celebration of cool rock and roll and partying with friends to loud music so make sure you play this week’s show on the biggest speakers you can find! To ensure we start a worthy tradition you absolutely must incorporate both tequila (shots, margaritas, Tequila Sunrises, whatever) in addition to cold beer at the party. If you can’t have one by a pool either outdoors or in then decorate your place as if you were throwing a pool party and fake it for crying out loud! And have some fun!

Make sure you let us know how the party went by emailing us at or dropping a comment on our listener comment line at 206-339-3646.

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Here is what was played this week:

  1. Wicked Love Song by Blacklist Union
  2. Move Out Of The Way by Comic Book Heroes
  3. Run This City by Jet Lag Gemini
  4. We’re Going Out Tonight by Sex Slaves
  5. Staring Stars Down by The Beat Poets
  6. Love Me When I Leave by The Dares
  7. Pimp My Life by The Crash Moderns
  8. Perfect by Three Miles Out
  9. 45 Minutes Ago by American Anthem
  10. Jesus Won’t Dance In My High Heels by Four Dead in Ohio
  11. Bright Side by The Paybacks
  12. Candy Caine by DC4
  13. Hot In the Desert by Astronaut Academy
  14. Broke and Out of Money by Starewell
  15. I Wanna Be Maladjusted by Heavy Drapes
  16. Smile by Rhino Bucket
  17. Rock ‘n Roll Records (Ain’t Selling This Year) by Supersuckers
  18. Interstate by Tenspoke Indies
  19. Red Letter Day By Save Pluto
  20. The Opener by Sophmore Jakes
  21. Blind Man’s Aim by Carnival Sun
  22. Devil To Pay by V-Rats
  23. RockStar by Annex
  24. Rock and Roll Report Podcast Outro by Featured on Fridays

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