Rock and Roll Report Podcast #50 – It’s Built for Speed!

built-for-speedWell I finally made it to Rock and Roll Report Podcast #50! The last few weeks have been a bit of a struggle getting things out every week so to make up for it I decided to look back at the last 49 podcasts and present to you a healthy dose of amazing rock and roll that I have played since the podcast debuted in November, 2007.

Now my original list was 111 songs long so I had to drastically pare that down but since I love everything I play even that was difficult so consider this a taste of what has gone on in the past on the Rock and Roll Report Podcast. On the next one I will go back to all new music from a bunch of very cool bands and musicians that are either unsigned or are signed to an independent record label but they all rock with the best of them but for this one, its a look back.

As always you can contact me with your band or label suggestions at or via the listener comment line at  206-339-8700. I love hearing from anybody who listens to the show or reads the site so make sure you tell me what music floats your boat and what you would like to see and hear on the Rock and Roll Report.

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Listen carefully to this week’s mega-edition of the podcast. In the last segment where I am talking if you listen closely you can hear when my son Zack decided to empty out my coin jar from my dresser and start pouring the pennies, quarters and guitar picks back into it when he is done. He picked the perfect time to start counting my money! LOL

Here is what I played this week:

  1. Rock and Roll Report Podcast Intro by Featured on Fridays
  2. Rockstar’s Girlfriend by Pistol Day Parade
  3. Move Out of the Way by Comic Book Heroes
  4. The Grind by 4Lyn
  5. Sun Fire by One Bad Son
  6. Raise It Up the Flagpole by Paperback Freud
  7. Kill the Summer by Dead City Riots
  8. You Brought It On Yourself by Annex
  9. Perfect by Three Miles Out
  10. (South Oshawa) Drug Mule by The Brown Hornets
  11. We’re Going Out Tonight by the Sex Slaves
  12. Soul Shine by Pirate Radio Station
  13. The Truth Lies Here by Fourthwall
  14. Bright Side by the Paybacks
  15. Don’t Let Me In by the Sleepers
  16. Melancholy by Knockout Theory
  17. Interstate by Tenspoke Indies
  18. Built For Speed by Big Cock
  19. Hanging Like a Suicide by Heavy Drapes
  20. Executioners Day by Heaven’s Basement
  21. Wicked Love Song by Blacklist Union
  22. 45 Minutes Ago by American Anthem
  23. 8 Days a Week by Sore on Sunday
  24. Jesus Won’t Dance in My High Heels by Four Dead in Ohio
  25. Candy Caine by DC4
  26. Dynamite Lady by The Golden Gods
  27. Rock and Roll Report Podcast Outro by Featured On Fridays


  1. Every choice was an awesome one……congrats on reaching the big 50…..

    may we keep hearing you for years to come …the tunz;s are there you know that ;o))

    Rock till ya drop…..LOUD and PROUD……


  2. Hey Mark, what a scorcher, this R-O-C-K-S all the way through.

    I cant wait to hear podcast 100, as Shaz so rightly says, the tunes are out there, we’ve just got to cast out the lines and drag ’em in, we the cats are here to hep ya, HELL YEAH.

    You’ve taken us up to 11 good buddy, maybe even 12!

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