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Rock and Roll Report Podcast 54 – The Hammock and iPod Show!

girl-in-hammock-webFinally! Rock and Roll Report Podcast #54 was a long time coming but if you are a regular reader of the site you will know that we have been having major server issues that had to be addressed and so my time was preoccupied by that for the last few weeks.

This week’s podcast has been in the works for a long time. I have been wanting to do a “headphones show” for awhile and the playlist for this podcast is very much suited for relaxing in a hammock or on a lounge chair, preferably on the beach or by the pool with headphones on. The songs deal with love, lost, escape and failure and the lyrics are definitely worth listening to carefully.

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This is what I played this week:

  1. Rock and Roll Report Podcast Intro by Featured On Fridays
  2. All That I Need by Devi
  3. Mother Road by Old Californio
  4. Failure by Broke City
  5. Preacher Man by Casey Desmond
  6. Sway Again by Lick And A Promise
  7. Starry Eyes by Didium & the Black Bonnie Picture
  8. The Flood by Way To Go Einstein
  9. Nine Points by Relief
  10. Gravity by The Tender Box
  11. Sailboat by Simon Jaymes
  12. Rock and Roll Report Podcast Outro by Featured On Fridays

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thanks for including us w/some sexy stellar bands, Mark!
FYI to everyone, our album is on iTunes also (artist: Devi album: Get Free). xo deb

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