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Rock and Roll Report Podcast #55 – On A Mission To Rock!

attitudeThe lead off track on this week’s podcast is a perfect summary of what we are all about here at The Rock and Roll Report as we indeed are on a Mission To Rock! The great thing about rock and roll is that it covers so many sounds and styles and we are interested in it all but admittedly on this podcast I decided to exercise your woofers for a nice summer blast of rock and roll fun.

As we hit the high season of summer burn this podcast to a CD or connect your iPod to some real speakers and crank it out by the pool or on the beach while soaking up some rays with friends and a couple of cold ones.

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wooohoooo wicked sounds sunshine…..will crank it up and drink a cold one or 5 hahahaa…..

awesome as always …..

Loud and Proud for Rock and Roll Report Podcast……


hugs xox

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