Rock Radio 2.0

Rock and Roll Report Radio is on tonight, November 20th, 2006!

Just a reminder that another dose of Rock and Roll Report Radio is all set to go tonight from 10:00 – 11:00 PM EST on CKUT FM here in Montreal. If you can’t listen live you can always download the show in podcast form for 1 week after it airs. Just look for the Drastic Plastic Program in the archives.

Tonight’s show is all indie and unsigned bands and will feature Poets & Pornstars, Daphne, Jonathan Bright, Galore, The Fags, Red Seven and more. The amazing thing about tonight’s show is until a few weeks ago I didn’t know one of these songs. This is all stuff that I have recieved since the last show and I had a ton of great stuff to choose from so don’t tell me rock and roll is dead! I will also be logged onto MySpace ( while on the air so if you want to post a comment about any of the music I am playing or you have a band to suggest just pop me a line and I’ll see what I can do.

The next show by the way is tentatively scheduled for December 4th and will probably be a "best of" type show.

Tune in, turn on and turn it up! That’s all you gotta do.