Rock Radio 2.0

Rock and Roll Report Radio on CKUT FM Playlist for December 4, 2006

Well another Rock and Roll Report Radio on CKUT FM has come and gone but this one was a little different. Normally, because the show is on once a month I never repeat songs but this show was kind of a look back at 2006 and a taste for those people new to Rock and Roll Report Radio of what it’s all about. It’s kinda like putting all the playlists from 2006 on shuffle.

Unfortunately, since every song I pick is chosen because I actually like the song and not for any other reason, I had a really hard time picking what I was going to play. It was a tough process and I didn’t even get a chance to play all the songs I set out to play but overall I think it was pretty representative of what I want Rock and Roll Report Radio to be all about which is basically a showcase of all the great indie rock and roll that, in a perfect world would/should be played on commercial rock radio.

2007 will be an interesting year for The Rock and Roll Report. The site is finally getting a redesign and it looks like I’ll be on the air twice a month instead of the current once a month broadcast. In addition to that I feel that I am starting to get enough experience behind the mic to pull my moribund podcasting project out of mothballs so look for a Rock and Roll Report podcast sometime in 2007 if everything works out to plan. If you like the radio show you will love the podcast with the same great music and some amazing ways to interact with the show. Should be cool. And now the playlist:


1. “Shine” – Jonathan Bright – Radio Free Nashville (Indie 2004)
2. “Sin” – Daphne – s/t (Indie 2006)
3. “Come On X 3” – Galore – Amplifier (Bhurr Records 2006)
4. “Puerto Rican Girl” – Heap – On the Cheap (Rave On Records 2005)
5. “Psycho Girlfriend” – Dum Dog Run – s/t (Indie 2005)
6. “She’s So Up” – Bang Sugar Bang – Greatest Hits (Nicotine Records 2003)
7. “Don’t Want a Girl Who’s Been With Jack” – The Condors – This Rock and Roll Radio Vol. 2 (Jam Records 2006)
8. “Two Year Runaround” – Crash Kelly – Electric Satisfaction (Bhurr Records 2006)
9. “She Said to Me” – The Cowsills – Global (Robin Records 1998)
10. “Bye Bye Baby” – The Dials – Flex Time (Latest Flame Records 2005)
11. “This is Where We Belong” – Myracle Brah – Treblecharger (Rainbow Quartz Records 2005)
12. “Garage Flying Saucers Stoning” – The Zinedines – Take Me Take Me (Rainbow Quartz Records 2005)
13. “Astral Man” – The Gripweeds – Giant on the Beach (Rainbow Quartz Records 2005)
14. “Space Travel” – Soul Hooligans – Sugarlumps – A Psycedelic Selection of Groovy Movers and Sweet Freakbeat (Hard Soul Records 2005)
15. “Summer Waves” – Leigh Silver – Females on Fire 2 (Warrior Girl Music 2006)
16. “Little Deedra” – The Lolas – Something You Oughta Know (Jam Records 2004)
17. “Louder” – The Piper Downs – Varying Degrees of Failure and Tunelessness (Doorslammer Records 2003)

Hope you enjoyed the show. You can download it in podcast form until December 11th, 2006 at the CKUT website. After that you can listen to it in streaming form from the website. See you all again on the air and in your ears in 2007. Remember to play it LOUD!