Rock and Roll Report Radio on CKUT FM Playlist for March 17, 2008


Well it was a slightly boozy St. Patty’s Day show on Rock and Roll Report Radio Monday night on CKUT FM but I managed to both play some great rock and roll and essentially talk WAAAY too much (that was the beer talking I tell ya!). And the photo above is courtesy of friends of The Rock and Roll Report Kat and Sugar from Hot Pink Productions. These girls know how to rock! Anyhow, this is what I played:

Song – Album – Band

  1. My Fate – Do It Yourself – Victims of Circumstance
  2. A-OK – The Hot Rocks – The Hot Rocks
  3. Wild Violets – Unreleased – The Cosmosonics
  4. Explode Tonight – Oddball – Heap
  5. Complicated Girl – Unreleased – American Anthem
  6. RockStar – Tatooed Millionaires – Annex
  7. Outta Town – The Fores – The Fores
  8. Straight Outta Hell – Paperback Freud – Paperback Freud
  9. Porno Queen – Test Drive X 5 –
  10. She Is My Drinking Problem – Comeback Special – The Sleepers
  11. It Ain’t Easy – Unreleased – A Lick and A Promise
  12. Undertaker – Electric – Broken Teeth
  13. Built For Speed – Motherload – Big Cock
  14. One Beer – Black Angel Band – Black Angel Band

drastic plastic 128kbps Podcast (Link good for one week from date of broadcast)

Thanks for listening!



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  1. Your shows have all had very good music wile still being very informative. Thanks for the play list, always like having one around when listening to a music show to check off the bands I’d like to hear more of or who to buy.

    Keep up your high standers,

    A1 Mark

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