Rock and Roll Report Radio Playlist for April 13, 2009 and a Shout Out to the Podcast!

girl-with-headphonesRock and Roll Report Radio is heard once a month on CKUT 90.3 FM in Montreal and online at from 10:00 – 11:00 PM EST. For those of you not familiar with the show it is part of Doug Ford’s long running eclectic music show the Drastic Plastic Program heard every Monday in that time slot on CKUT. Doug has graciously shared his airtime with me and a another co-conspirator Armitage Shanks so I can bring you a taste of all the incredible rock and roll by bands and musicians that are either unsigned or signed to smaller independent record labels. I personally believe that any of the songs that I play would fit right into any commercial rock radio playlist of the powers that be only had the guts to seek out some of this stuff that is only available if you get off your ass and look.

In addition to the radio show, I also host the Rock and Roll Report Podcast which comes out every week and features 10 slices of primo rock and roll from the same batch of indie and unsigned bands and musicians. I think you will definitely agree with me when you say that all of this stuff is just amazing rock and roll. And as the Rock and Roll Report is a niche free zone I will play anything from punk to power pop, hard rock to heavy metal and anything in between. Its all rock and roll to me. Speaking of which I am currently working on podcast #50 so if you are a long time subscriber and would like to hear something I have played on a past show hit me up at or drop a comment on the listener line at 206-339-8700.

This is what I played on the radio show this week:

  1. Rock and Roll Report Radio Intro featuring Kat and Sugar from Hot Pink Productions
  2. Run This City by Jet Lag Gemini
  3. Favorite Things by Crash Anthem
  4. We;re Going Out Tonight by Sex Slaves
  5. Move Out of the Way by Comic Book Heroes
  6. Boogie Up by Paperback Freud
  7. Perfect by Three Miles Out
  8. Here We Go Again by The Galaxies
  9. Somebody Like You by the V-Project
  10. Love Me When I Leave by The Dares
  11. Friends Like You by You Am I
  12. Pimp My Life by The Crash Moderns
  13. Let Her Go by the Meddling Kids
  14. The Machine Gun Song by Bang Sugar Bang
  15. Staring Stars Down by The Beat Poets
  16. Jesus Won’t Dance in My High Heels by Four Dead in Ohio

If you missed the show you can listen to it on the CKUT Archives pages at (currently undergoing some maintenance after a major server crash).

If you want to subscribe to the podcast, just click either of the links below:

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Thanks for listening!