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Rock and Roll Report Radio Playlist for April 16, 2007 on CKUT FM

radio.JPGWell another edition of Rock and Roll Report Radio on the Drastic Plastic Program has come and gone and nobody was killed or maimed in the excercise (that I know of!). I suppose now is as good a time as any to reiterate what the show and this very website/blog are trying to do.

There are a ton of bands and artists out there playing rock and roll for the sheer passion of it. They are on small indie and DIY labels with meager publicity budgets that almost always fall under the regal gaze of commercial rock radio’s programming overlords. Yet, when you listen to this stuff, you quickly realize how good it really is. You like the Stones? Have a helping of the Blessings or the Sleepers. Pearl Jam more your thing? Check out the Dead City Riots. A bit of glam for your breakfast? The Atomic Swindlers fit the bill perfectly. I could go on but you get my point. The quality is there, the energy is abundant but most of all, the music shines because of their passion. It is almost criminal that these musicians do not get their fair shake and so this is why I continue to write the Rock and Roll Report and produce Rock and Roll Report Radio (with a baby podcast on the way!). All of the songs that I play on Rock and Roll Report Radio would slot in no problem into a commercial rock radio playlist. People want to get their kicks with rock and roll but they are sick and tired of hearing the same tracks from the same artists played with the same dreary monotony. Hopefully, the Rock and Roll Report will give you one of many places to go to help you discover some truly great rock and roll. It is not intended to be THE destination but merely a signpost along the way on your musical journey. There is more than enough rock and roll to satisfy all of us, we just have to dig a little to find it. And when we do, man are the rewards worth it.

For an example, this is what I played last night:

Name – Album – Artist

“Good Storm” – The Mainliners – The Mainliners
“You Brought It On Yourself” – From their forthcoming Fastlane Records release – Annex
“Jacknife Judy” – Push It Nationwide – The Sleepers
“Under My Skin” – Bare Bones – The Blessings
“I Want More” – On An Empty Stomach – The Apple Bros
“Sex66” – Coming Out Electric – Atomic Swindlers
“Hysteria” – Because I’m Awesome – The Dollyrots
“Regional Heats” – Taste – The Capes
“Don’t Waste Time” – You Can’t Change the World – The Morning Stars
“Strange” – Kasablanca Blvd – Kasablanca Blvd
“What’s My Pill?” – Always is Never the Same – Dead City Riots
“Killed Last” – It Starts Right Here – Three Quarter Stone
“Manic Boogie” – Kick It – The Shake
“Inflatable Girl” – Poets & Pornstars – Poets & Pornstars

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