Rock and Roll Report Radio Playlist for August 17, 2009

So it was slightly sunburnt and very exhausted that I took command of the board at CKUT 90.3 FM in Montreal for my monthly Rock and Roll Report Radio on the Drastic Plastic Program. Fortified by Red Bull and rock and roll, I manage to make it through the hour as I furiously air drummed to a get 14 song set that featured:

  1. See You Around by The Revisionists
  2. High Speed Rock’n’Roll by Paperback Freud
  3. Go Go Go by The 88
  4. Go Back (To Drinking) by The Neighborhood Bullys
  5. Say Another Prayer by Gee Davey
  6. All That I Need by Devi
  7. Balaclava by The Honeydogs
  8. Blisterene by The Monochrome Cherubs
  9. Fortune Teller by Baby Woodrose
  10. Indestructible by Play the Angel
  11. Seeing Red by Soul Destroyer
  12. Shake Me by Taddy Porter
  13. Cling by Krescent 4
  14. The Grind by 4Lyn

You can download the show up until the 24th at,22:00

You can also listen to it on the CKUT archives by going to and searching for the Drastic Plastic Program archives for this date.

Thanks for listening!