Rock and Roll Report Radio Playlist for August 6, 2007 on CKUT FM

ramones_simpsons.gifWhat a great way to spend a Monday night, sitting in a radio station spinning fantastic rock and roll at full volume for friends (and myself for that matter) and really, that is the heart of Rock and Roll Report Radio. Since it is not dictated by any corporate entity or program director but from my very own rock and roll heart I think it reflects in the show and so far those who have listened have been very kind and have tended to agree with me. The bottom line with anything is always passion. If you are passionate about music, whether you be playing it on the radio, on stage or on your home stereo you just want to share it with as many people as you can because it feels good and you hope that they will get the same buzz out of it as you do. I really hope my passion shines through on the air.

It is interesting to note that the majority of songs I played on Monday night’s show were only in my possession for no more than a few weeks with at least a quarter of them being MP3s e-mailed to me by bands. Such is the power of this Web 2.0 world where I can get into contact with a band on MySpace on a Tuesday, have an MP3 or two on my iPod within the hour with the CD in my mailbox by the end of the week. It is the reason why I will never run out of material for the radio show, podcast or blog which is always a comforting thought.

For those of you that tuned in live or have listened to the podcast or streamcast from the CKUT archives you will no doubt have noticed that I started things off a bit differently with a brand new intro for the upcoming Rock and Roll Report podcast courtesy of Miami-based Featured on Fridays. I am in the planning stages (for what seems like forever) for the podcast but I fully intend to launch it this fall with a projected end of September start date. If you are interested in getting involved by all means give me a shout. Same great rock and roll but with more opportunity to experiment and try some different things so it should be a lot of fun and I hope it will make your MP3 player proud.

OK, let’s get to the heart of the matter. This is what I played on the show with links to the band websites so you can see for yourself what they are all about. Thanks for listening as always and a big thank you to everyone who sent me kind words and encouragement, it is greatly appreciated.

Song – Album – Artist

  1. King of Cool – Year of the Cock – Big Cock
  2. Stay – Fully Automatic – Handsome Devil
  3. Main in the Sky – s/t – The Soft Explosions
  4. Real Thing – Unreleased – American Anthem
  5. Bang Bang – We Are Saints – KLIK
  6. Wired for Sound -Wired for Sound – Certain Stars
  7. Hit Parade – Black Beauty – Beretta76
  8. Knock on Wood – Now Playing – Shameless
  9. Give it Up – A Bitch is a Bitch – Lick & a Promise
  10. Comedown Baby – Let You Down Easy – The Masons
  11. Energy – New Magnetic Wonder – Apples in Stereo
  12. Great Big Hat – Debbie Does Nothing – Deluxe Leisure King
  13. Charlie & His UFO – Kasablanca BLVD – Kasablanca BLVD

drastic plastic 128kbps Podcast

The podcast link is only good for one week from the date of broadcast. After that you have to listen to the show streaming from the CKUT website so if you missed it or had trouble listening to it Monday night, by all means download the podcast now and listen to me struggle on how to announce “Big Cock.”