Rock and Roll Report Radio Playlist for December 1, 2008

Unfortunately technical gremlins prevented me from recording a Rock and Roll Report Podcast this week but instead you can listen to Rock and Roll Report Radio that was broadcast December 1st, 2008 over the airwaves of CKUT FM in Montreal and on the internet at

This week I decided to mellow out a bit and play some of my favourite songs that were not all crash bang smash up rock and roll. I figured that since we will all be running around stressed out for the holidays buying Uncle Bobby his socks and little Jane her deluxe Barbie Condo and Dancing With The Stars play set that we could use a respite from the madness, at least for an hour.

You can download a podcast version of the show at this link:,22:00

The link expires on December 8th, 2008.

Here is what I played:

  1. Farther Away by The Apple Bros
  2. At Least For Awhile by The Piper Downs
  3. My Best Friend’s Magic Girlfriend by Butch Walker
  4. Think It Over by The Thorns
  5. Place Called Home by The Tender Box
  6. Goodbye by 16 Second Stare
  7. Fall by The Morning Stars
  8. You Belong to Me by The 88
  9. Over Your Shoulder by Tenspoke Indies
  10. Long Way Home by EndeverafteR
  11. Let It Be by Annex and Friends