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Rock and Roll Report Radio Playlist for February 11th, 2008


Here ya go! This is what I played on the last Rock and Roll Report Radio on Monday on CKUT 90.3 FM in Montreal and on the net at Don’t forget that the next Rock and Roll Report Podcast is set to be released on February 20th, 2008.

Here is what I played:

Song – Album – Artist

Bump and Grind – Motherload – Big Cock

Are You a Lady? – Now Playing – Shameless

Give To Get – Blinded By the Sound – Tenspoke Indies

Bang – Rockchild – Rockchild

Full Tilt – The Spaceship Blues – The Spaceship Blues

Raise It Up the Flagpole – Roller – Paperback Freud

30 Seconds Over You – 30 Seconds Over You – The Erotics

20 To 12 – One Below the All Time Low – Watts

Guilloteenager – The Meddling Kids – The Meddling Kids

Outerspace – Disrespectfully Yours – The Millions

Hey Kate! – The Fire Apes – The Fire Apes

My Date With Andrea Nice – My God, The Shame! – The Dress Whites

Your Breaking Down – Danny Echo – Danny Echo

Northern Light – The Brown Hornets – The Brown Hornets

Losing Me – Von Zipper – Switchback

drastic plastic 128kbps Podcast (link only good for one week from date of broadcast. After that you can listen to the streaming version of the show)

If you liked any of the bands played on the show below click their CD and buy it! Show them that you care.

BIG COCK: MotherLoadSHAMELESS: now playingTENSPOKE INDIES: Blinded By The SoundTHE EROTICS: 30 Seconds Over YouWATTS: One Below The All Time LowTHE MEDDLING KIDS: The Meddling KidsTHE MILLIONS: Disrespectfully YoursTHE FIRE APES: The Fire ApesTHE DRESS WHITES: My God, The Shame!