Rock and Roll Report Radio Playlist for February 19, 2007 on CKUT 90.3 FM

I hope everybody enjoyed our groundbreaking scientific experiment on heat transfer through the process of woofer dynamics during last night’s show. Hopefully it kept you nice and toasty on a cool February night. At the very least you got a chance to listen to some great rock and roll at a very high volume which is always a bonus!

For the next week you can download the podcast of the show at,22:00. After that you will have to settle for listening to the show as a stream on your computer. And don’t forget that next week I will be back on as part of the 3 Amigos Show with both Doug and Armitage Shanks so make sure you have a listen as well.

This month featured a bunch of bands that I added to the playlist literally hours before showtime including Australia’s The Wellingtons and You Am I, the Dead City Riots, Shake Some Action, The Sleepers and Apples in Stereo. It was a lot of fun as usual. Thanks for listening! Here’s what was played:

Song – Album – Artist

Bright Side – Harder and Harder – The Paybacks
Never Gonna Die – Astoria – The Shys
Friends Like You – Convicts – You Am I
Last Cowboy – Push It Nationwide – The Sleepers
Live it Up – Hard Fixed – The DT’s
Can You Feel I? – New Magnetic Wonder – Apples In Stereo
Top 10 List – New Friends in Far Away Places – The Wellingtons
Kill The Summer – Always is Never the Same – Dead City Riots
Siren Song – Light ‘em Up – The Fags
Pretend Lover – Amplifier – Galore
Sasparilla Girl – Gardening in a Tornado – Dr. Pants
You’ve Got it Made – Shake Some Action – Shake Some Action
Saturday Night – Oink! – The Pigs
Far Away – The Dress whites EP – The Dress Whites
She’s Still Running – Daphne – Daphne