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Rock and Roll Report Radio Playlist for June 2, 2008


Well after missing the whole month of May, Rock and Roll Report Radio kicked off June with another hour of unsigned and indie rock and roll that puts a smile on my face and a skip in my step. I should be back on the air on June 23rd and back again with the 3 Amigos on June 30th.

Here is what I played:

  1. We’re Going Out Tonight by the Sex Slaves
  2. London’s Swinging by Andy Lloyd and Food
  3. Dr. King by Death Can Dance
  4. Sheena Gets Around by The Plastic Stars
  5. Here We Go Again by The Galaxies
  6. Somebody Like You by the V-Project
  7. Crustache by The National Rifle
  8. Flat On My Face by the B-Movie Rats
  9. Fat Girls by the Backsliders
  10. Don’t Talk by Basia Lyjak
  11. Shake It Off by the Supersuckers
  12. Pimp My Life by The Crash Moderns
  13. SuperQueen by Jet 68
  14. I’m Not Saying What You Did Was Wrong But Your Timing Could Have Been Better by Dirt Mall

If you missed the show you can always head to the CKUT archives page (it will be under the Drastic Plastic Program) and listen to a streaming version of the show or for a week from the date of the broadcast you can download the podcast.

drastic plastic 128kbps Podcast

Thanks for listening!

DIRT MALL: Got The Goat By The HornsTHE GALAXIES: Here We Go!V-PROJECT: New Machine