Rock and Roll Report Radio Playlist for October 9th, 2006

Well, another edition of Rock and Roll Report Radio has come and gone and despite the usual glitches (starting off with the wrong song, running out of time, talking too fast, etc. etc.) it was a blast and went by way too fast. Don’t forget that if you missed the show you can always check it out at the CKUT archives. Just select the Drastic Plastic Program and you can stream it online.

I was supposed to start things off with "Garage Flying Saucers Stoning" by Majorca Spain’s own The Zindines but I screwed up and played "Twice Upon a Time" instead. Not a big problem and it’s a great track but I made up for it later.

After that I played the classic "Psycho Girlfriend" (haven’t we all had one?) from Dum Dog Run follwed up by the very cool "Velveteen" by Bang Sugar Bang, a great band from LA. Rounding off the first set was the amazing "Summer Waves" by Leigh Silver as well as "Bag Lady" by The Studiofix, a band that The Rock and Roll Report’s Lisa Grimm interviewed last month. The original intention was to end the set with the new Sloan single "Who Taught You to Live Like That?" but because of the screw up at the beginning I insisted on playing "Garage Flying Saucers Stoning" by The Zindines mainly because I love that song dammit!

Set 2 kicked off with "Care" by UK band (and Little Steven favourite) The Contrast. I followed that up with the great, quick rocker "I’m Not Sorry" by my new faves The Condors while the ultra-cool "Stoned Faces" (gotta love those back-up singers and the wailing sax!) by the New York Vaults, the first band I stubled upon on MySpace and a CD that I reviewed just last week. After that it was another new band with the Buffalo Killers getting the nod with their very cool, swampy (that’s a compliment!) "River Water" (which I reviewed here) while I ended the set with another personal favourite in "Crash Pad Number" by Marc Carroll.

I finished off the show with another new tune by The 88 and "Hide Another Mistake" followed by "Last Thing on My Mind" by power pop supergroup The Finkers. Finally we drew things to a close with "What Happened to the Love We Knew?" by the excellent Denise James (whose CD I reviewed last month as well) and "Cracker" by Velvet which is another brand new CD from a brand new band that was produced by Mitch Easter of Let’s Active and REM fame.

At this point I ran out of time and I must apologize to the hyper-talented Butch Walker. I pre-announced that I would end the night with a track by him and I intended to play "My Best Friend’s Magic Girlfriend" off the amazing Cars tribute compilation "Substitution Mass Confusion" but I didn’t get a chance to actualy play the track so I urge you to seek out the CD and play this song as it is an amazing cover in that it is not a slavish imitation of the original. Great stuff.

Anyhow, that ends this month’s Rock and Roll Report Radio. As always, comments criticisms and suggestions are encouraged. Got a band you’d think I would like? Let me know at and I will do my best to have a listen. I’ll be back on the air November 20th, 2006.