Rock Television 2.0 Wanna Be a Rock Star?

Rock and Roll Television 2.0: The Unsigned TV Show and Rock n Roll TV

So you bought yourself one of those fancy video iPods or maybe one of those brand new Apple TV boxes and you are looking to get your rock and roll video fix. You’ve long given up on MTV and you are looking for something different, exciting and definitely not something corporate. Well, you have some choices that are pretty cool and they will likely only increase increase at a rapid pace in the months to come.

Video podcasting is taking off and some argue it is leaving its audio cousin in the dust. Now I would have to argue that the audio podcast will always have an important roll to play in discovering new musical niches but rock and roll video podcasts, done right can be a lot of fun and a great source of musical discovery. I have two I would like to focus on here but there are more out there and they are growing every month.

The Unsigned TV Show is a great concept that is fast breaking out of its Cleveland area roots and taking on the world. The idea behind the Unsigned TV Show is quite simple. Unsigned bands submit their full-length videos of live concert appearances, already produced music videos or band documentaries or you can create your own video using some of the suggestions from the site. You send this to Randy at Unsigned TV and he will review for possible inclusion in the upcoming season of Unsigned TV. This is a great way for fans to get exposure to new talent that has yet to get their “big break” and it is also a great opportunity for bands to get wonderful exposure through the MySpace ecosystem for free. It’s a win-win proposition in my view.

Another great rock and roll video podcast is Rock ‘n’ Roll TV. This is an amazingly weel done Internet TV show originating out of Hollywood, California and hosted by Share Ross of Bubble. To quote a recent article about Rock n Roll TV on Podcast Alley:

Rock n Roll TV specializes in bringing live punk/rock/garage bands to your computer along with interviews with the bands. Since we’re in Hollywood, we get a lot of up and coming bands here that might never make it to MTV and this is the place to check them out. We also show indie music video clips and some episodes are strictly ‘pop culture’ pieces with stories on sex toy warehouses, tattoos, craft fairs and more.

Very professionally done and a lot of fun to watch, Rock n Roll TV is what, well rock and roll TV should be all about which is the music but with visual flare and style and most of all, with a strong sense of fun.

There you go, two reasons to not give up hope that rock and roll on TV is not doomed. Welcome to rock and roll television version 2.0. I hope you like its new direction. I know that I do.