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Rock Princess’ Unsigned Pick of the Week is Elubo

ELUBO stands for great pop-music, perfectly singable singer-songwriter melodies served on a funky poprock groove basis and wrapped in playful sound design.

Talking of genres, it could well be described as “cineastic poprock” aiming at entertainment at the highest level.

ELUBO merges typical, classical band components with experimental soundscapes.

The fact that all lyrics are autobiographical adds to the authentic, genuine character of ELUBO’s music.

The songs are about the small things that happen every day as well as about the big bang that happens once in a blue moon and changes your entire life.

On stage ELUBO is supported by his friends:

Dirk Schaefer – drums

Piotr Ciechwicz – bass

Elubo and Dirk played together in a band when they were youngsters. Unfortunately they lost track of each other for more than ten years, but are now luckily reunited.

Piotr impressed ELUBO as an excellent bass player when they both worked for a band on a TV-show. They got along well immediately.

At the moment ELUBO works utterly hard on making his debut album, which will contain both songs “satellite” and “stay away” of the maxi-cd “elubo”.

To turn ELUBO’s sophisticated arrangements into mind-boggling live-concerts the three of them will be supported by guest musicians on tour.

Meanwhile, ELUBO’s songs enjoy great popularity and are played in Germany’s best known radio channel called 1LIVE.

http://www. einslive. de/musik/heimatkult/2008/10/elubo. jsp

This band is going places and only way for them is Up…..

Hope your week Rocks guy’s…you deserve it!!!

Rock On….

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Download Eluba’s Satellite for free courtesy of Elubo, the Rock Princess and The Rock and Roll Report!