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Rock Princess’ Unsigned Pick of the Week is Tenth Planet (with free MP3!)

It’s quite clear that there must be something wrong with the record industry , especially the A&R people seem to have trouble with their ears. How could you otherwise explain ‘Everything Is Never Over’ by Canadian act Tenth Planet has to be released by the band itself? The full length debut of this quartet is extremely professional in many ways. For a start there’s the rich and at the same time transparent sound, courtesy of producers Jeff Martin (ex-The Tea Party) and Mike Turner (ex-Our Lady Peace). On a technical level, everything is done perfect, there’s the powerful drive of the rhythm section which keeps everything simple because of the song material and gives way to the two main men of Tenth Planet, vocalist Martin Ouellette and guitar player Brian Paul.

The vocals of Ouellette are phenomenal and a real discovery. The singer is blessed with a melodic, aggressive voice with quite some range. At times in a whispering voice, at other moments in a commanding style, his powerful way of singing adds to every song. The same goes for Paul’s contribution whose style is inherited by the master of the down tuned riff, Tony Iommi, but there’s a very melodic edge as well which is quite ethereal. And after all these positive elements we didn’t even mention the songs, because this is where Tenth Planet really starts to shine. Every composition is trimmed from the fat, there are no technical excesses, every song is simply to the point. There’s a well balanced mix of heavy, yet melodic material and more introspective stuff, but then with an interesting twist.

You can’t say that Tenth Planet’s music is original, but the bands where they base their music upon are hard acts to follow: The Tea Party, classic Queensrÿche and Alice In Chains. But wait for it, there are some other bonuses on this album. There’s a set of thoughtful lyrics and a powerful sleeve that, although not of his hand, reminded me of the classy artwork of Hugh Syme. ‘Everything Is Never Over’ is an exciting, brooding, dramatic and heavy piece of work! I’m only wondering why this excellent band isn’t on a quality label like, for instance, InsideOut. – Rudi Claeys, Rock Tribune (Holland)

Toronto based Tenth Planet mixes heavy undertones with intelligent lyrics for a unique but instantly infectious, fresh sound. Lead vocalist Martin, adds even more flavor to the mix with his easily recognizable vocals. This is definitely a band to keep an eye on over the next year. – Kat, XS-BS Magazine

Third time’s a charm. Toronto rockers Tenth Planet have released a wicked, 12-song album titled Everything Is Never Over (2008). This is a follow-up to their sophomore release The Prophet Curse (2005) and debut disc Retro Has No Future (2003). This is the band’s finest work todate. Johnny Pegg (bass), Mauro Scatozza (drums), Brian Paul (guitars) and Martin Ouellette (vocals) recorded Everything Is Never Over at Orange Lounge Studios and The Pocket Studios in Toronto and also in West Cork, Ireland at Kingdom Recording Studio. The album opens with “See Yourself” a kickin’ rock song. Martin’s vocals are deep and with only three other guys in the band they sound much bigger as the sound is really full. I have guitars, bass and drums firing at me from all five speakers; it’s a great experience hearing a rock album that actually sounds like a rock album.

“Little Nation” comes at you with both barrels loaded in true rock anthem fashion. This seventh track on the album is currently heard on the band’s MySpace for you to preview. Track ten is “Drafty” a bittersweet, love song. Martin does more than sing, he delivers a vocal performance with the passion of a storyteller. This ballad proves Tenth Planet is not a one-trick pony but a very versatile Canadian rock band. I really hope these guys earn serious honours, possibly a CRMA during Canadian Music Week or a Polaris Music Prize nomination. Their music is that damn good; but that’s just my opinion. This album is a solid ride produced by former singer and guitarist for The Tea Party, Jeff Martin (who co-wrote “Line In The Sand”) and founding member of Our Lady Peace, Mike Turner. You’ll be wowed by the overall sound of the album courtesy of Peter Letros at Wreckhouse Mastering (Finger Eleven, littleSUNDAY, Nelly Furtado). Impressive album art and liner notes with lyrics makes this album complete. Highly recommended.

Download See Yourself by Tenth Planet for free! Courtesy of the Rock Princess, The Rock and Roll Report and Tenth Planet.

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TENTH PLANET: Everything Is Never OverTENTH PLANET: The Prophet Curse