Rock Princess’ Unsigned Pick of the Week: Vizionz….The Band that is taking the United States by Storm

(Ed note: Welcome to the very first edition of Rock Princess’ Unsigned Pick of the Week where our brand new columnist from Down Under Rock Princess presents to you an unsigned band that she thinks is deserving of being signed to a label. Her passion for music are a perfect fit with what we are all about here at The Rock and Roll Report and we welcome her with open arms and a warm smile!)

Formed in the year of 2007 by Lead-singer, Jesse, and guitarist, Pete/”Church”.

A few days later, Church contacted Johnny, a childhood friend about joining the band. Johnny currently fills the Bassist position in VIZIONZ.

They recorded a three song demo .The songs on the demo include: “Phenomenon”, “Hypnotized”, and “Never Too Late”. These songs were recorded “live” with no leads or fills.

On August 13th they launched their Myspace page,In that brief time, not only has the site had over 37,000 profile views but also, the original 2007 Demo has had over 23,500 plays.

In the meantime, VIZIONZ had also entered MetalMonthly. com’s online “Battle of the Bands” and did very well, winning “7th Place”.

This Band Vizion was on the move,VIZIONZ was nominated for the 2007 Rock City News Awards. (This is a yearly award given out to unsigned bands in Los Angeles, California.) By December 2007, it was announced that VIZIONZ had won! The Band excitedly accepted the 2007 Rock City News “Rockies’ Award” for “Best New-Generation, Hard-Rock Band”.

In May of 2008, VIZIONZ took the stage once more with new material and a new addition to the group. This was the debut of VIZIONZ’ heavy-hitting guitarist, Henry Rojas.
In May of 2008, VIZIONZ took the stage once more with new material and a new addition to the group. This was the debut of VIZIONZ’ heavy-hitting guitarist, Henry Rojas.

They were chosen to be June 2008 Rock AirGods”. The Band celebrated all of this growth by releasing interviews with HardRockHaven. net and Dischordence Magazine.

VIZIONZ proceeded to place in the Top-20 at SPIN Magazine’s Music Nation website in the Hennessy-sponsored, “Hot Pursuit” online-battle.

At this stage in the band’s evolution, VIZIONZ fortified the backbone of its music by injecting punk-rock musician, Sean Myers, on the drums.

Since then, VIZIONZ proudly announces that it has landed its first endorsement! with “Dean Markley”.

The year 2008, still has some legs on it…and so does VIZIONZ! This Band’s music is now on 40-plus websites, as well as radio stations – worldwide.

Most recently, VIZIONZ was honored to be the Headlining Performer for Atlantic Records’ Red Carpet, Live-Music Event, at the MTV VMA Pre-Party, on September 7th, 2008.

Other thrilling news for the band VIZIONZ includes the upcoming release of a Live-CD on October 1st, 2008! There will also be six more live performances at Southern California venues by VIZIONZ….As for 2009, it may be arriving in just four short months, but VIZIONZ taunts back, “Hell Yeah! Bring – It – On!!”
This Band has a HUGE following and have shown they have what it takes,so I make Vizionz my Unsigned Pick of the Week….lets get them signed after all they deserve to be!!

Download their brand new single Don’t Let It Slip By courtesy of the band and The Rock and Roll Report

Rock Princess x


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