Rock Radio 2.0

Rock Radio’s Last Stand?

Rolling Stone magazine has an article decrying the slow death of commercial rock radio in the USA in their article "Rock Radio’s Last Stand." You notice I specify commercial rock radio because if you just take a quick look at both the radio and podcasting categories of The Rock and Roll Report you will quickly realize that rock radio is not dead or even dying, it has just morphed onto new formats and modes of delivery.

Anyhow, the magazine lists these five stations as examples of great commercial rock radio in the U.S. and they are not far off the mark. Perhaps not harkening back to the glory days of KSAN but still, some pretty good commercial rock radio and they all stream on the Net so check them out.

Don’t forget though that there are tons of great non-commercial and public radio stations that pump out great rock and roll as well. Go have a listen.