RockAngel’s Weekly Radar – Dirty Sweet

Dirty SweetThis week, RockAngel’s Weekly Radar brings you the classic southern-sounding rockers Dirty Sweet, hailing from San Diego, CA.   They’ve made numerous appearances at daytime music festivals around the area, but definitely have the sound of a sweaty dive bar written all over them.

You  may recognize their single “Hey Delilah” as it received some airplay, but somehow they’ve managed to slide under the radar, Their sound falls between The Black Keys and Wolfmother with a heavy pour of Lynyrd Skynrd.

Dirty Sweet
is the kind of band that you can just imagine playing in a hot southern bar to a bunch of 30-something women with cut off jean shorts and cropped tops, dancing around and singing all the words in order to seduce a bunch of bikers.   If that picture isn’t really your scene, you can remove the southern bikers and replace them with the San Diego rockers who have welcomed them as a main staple in most of the big music festivals.

The great thing about their album is that they won’t grab you with one catchy song and use the rest as filler.  Dirty Sweet’s latest full length album …Of Monarchs and Beggars starts off strong with “Baby Come Home” in which a steady drumbeat gets your toes tapping and Ryan Koontz’s vocals just makes you want to rock out all over the place.   They move through steady rockin’ beats with all the seduction of rock and roll and all the nostalgia of classic southern rock.   If you’re looking for a video to video to get your interest piqued, check out “Marionette” on their website.  The twist on the classic Western is a perfect representation of what you can expect from Dirty Sweet.  It’s dirty rock without frills, but somehow goes down so sweet…like a shot of smooth aged whiskey.

Dirty Sweet on Myspace

…keep rockin’…