RockAngel’s Weekly Radar – Ross Copperman

ross-coppermanThis week, RockAngel’s Weekly Radar brings you the softer side of rock and roll  with Ross Copperman… a Virginia native who spent some time getting airplay in the UK before settling back down in Music City, USA (Nashville, TN).  Ross has singer/songwriter written all over him but his music has much more depth than the typical songs from that genre, and he has managed to make music that touches the soft spot in even the hardest of rockers.

My history with Ross goes way back to the college days of James Madison University and Music Industry class, although we never really talked until running into each other at a party later that year…go figure.  Discovering our mutual love for music, he started sending me demos he was putting together for class over IM…little did I know those raw tracks were the beginning of something bigger…much bigger.

Ross has come a long way from the guy singing at coffee shop in Harrisonburg, VA but has still failed to catch on in the mainstream scene, which is extremely hard to believe if you listen to his newest full length album Welcome to Reality.  Ross pairs his incredible songwriting talent with melodies that are catchy enough to sing along to, but original enough to appreciate musically.  The classic beauty of the piano and the rich raspiness of his voice is enough to rock the panties off of any groupie, but he takes it to the next level with rich layers of sound that sound expansive, yet remain intimate.

“As I Choke” saw some success on iTunes as well as on the airwaves of the UK, and after the first 30 seconds, you will be wondering why it never hit big in the alternative scene.  The beauty of the rest of the album lies in Ross’ ability to capture his raw emotion lyrically and back it up with flawless production and melodies that transcend and inspire us to look a little deeper inside ourselves.

If you check out his MySpace, you can get a peek of what he’s been working on in Nashville and hopefully a taste of what is going to be on an upcoming album.  His newest songs are all amazing, but “Breathe” is a great example of where you can really hear the evolution of Ross Copperman’s music.  As time passes, his music continues to develop new layers of emotion weaved from love, pain,  hope and dispair that is infused with a fiery passion that can only come from the soul.

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Welcome to Reality


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