Rockin’ and Rollin’ with Linux

In my continuing search for alternatives to Microsoft Windows (I’m not getting rid of Windows, I’m just looking to branch out to perhaps something more efficient, less expensive and easier to maintain and use and I like to spread the “wealth”) I have been experimenting with Linux and scraping together my pennies for an iBook. Linux has come a long way since I last evaluated it (Red Hat Linux 7.2) although it still has a ways to go in the ease of use department but one thing that is extremely impressive is the passion of open source developers. Since they don’t answer to some marketing department, developers of open source software really pour their heart and souls into their projects with no apparent concern for financial remuneration. What does this have to do with rock and roll you ask? Well I came across a couple of Linux related articles that any rock and roller with geek-like tendencies will find quite helpful in putting Linux to work for them in the recording studio. The best starting point would have to be the comprehensive The Linux Based Recording Studio by Aaron Trumm. Not only does it cover the software you need but it contains some primers on selecting microphones, sound-proofing your studio and a great list of resources. If your needs are a bit more modest, the Linux Journal has an excellent round-up of Linux sound tools that you can check out and try. Finally, if you consider yourself a true geek, then you will have no problem building the Solid-State Mini-ITX Linux Recording Studio. These three articles are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Linux and audio and as I come across things that I think are rock and roll enough, I will gladly let you know. The best part about most of these projects is that they are free! Who new being a geek would be considered an asset for a rock and roll band?