Rocking on Heavens Door: Taste of Chaos Tour – Toronto March 30 2007

I must admit this venue was a bit out of my element,but when it comes to live music it hardly matters that you are entering an airport hanger with poor sound , when it is filled with dedicated fans. The rush is what they have come for.

30-seconds-to-mars.jpgTaste of Chaos has been touring almost nightly featuring The Used, 30 Seconds To Mars, Senses Fail, Chiodos, Aiden and Evaline. I don’t remember the last time a show I have been to started at 5pm and over by 10:30, I guess some Rockstars need their beauty sleep, or at least make the most of their time sleeping with the beautiful. I had the chance to experience 30 Seconds To Mars a year ago at The Guverment in Toronto. I went without any expectation,although curious. Front man and lyricist Jared Leto along with his brother Shannon on drums, Matt Wachter and Tom Milcevic round out what from the first note captivated me in a way that had not moved me since the first time I saw Aerosmith. Although completely uncomparable it is that quality that gets you, turns you inside out.

Jared and his tightly knit band form a perfect marriage which is the hardest thing to achieve in the business, with egos that can possess and take something with great potential and drown it into ruins. They were very professional,tight and very passionate.Taking the stage with complete force the “Mars heads” crammed like sardines obeyed all commands which were delivered with a sense of unity. I was impressed. Having seen thousands of bands I can very quickly tell if they believe what they are expressing for if shallow it is transparent. I believe this is Jared’s niche as he bares his soul in his music leaving a hauntingly beautiful quality to his songs.

I have just heard they have gone #1 in the States, I knew they would do it and admire the courage to put himself out there to a fickle public waiting for failure, tsk on them. This is one transition from actor to Rockstar that works, but aren’t we all performers on some level? Highly recommend checking out the C.D. And a live show I dare you to indulge, much worth it. Truly a Beautiful Lie.