Odds & Sods


tova.jpgEditors Note: I am excited to introduce a new contributor to the virtual pages of The Rock and Roll Report. Tova Jansen has been involved in the rock biz in some form or other for quite awhile but what impressed me most was her passion for rock and roll. She is a true music fan and I am pumped that she will be contributing to the site. Welcom Tova!

If you love it, you live it and as long as I have had a heartbeat music has coursed through my veins and is the air I breathe. I have had the privilege to work in the music business as a manager in prestigious clubs with live bands, working in promo, hosting Fender Guitar Wars, served as a judge on several Q107 Home Grown competitions, managed bands, booked them and hosted live jams. Moved by music as we are Vibrational by nature, I am inspired to pay it forward. So tune in, turn it up and let the music do the talking.