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Rolling Stone’s Top 500 Albums

Here it is, with no commentary, just for your reading pleasure Rolling Stone’s 500 top albums of all time. Enjoy!

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There has been some criticism (or is it that just I feel like a learner too easily) of the Rolling Stone Top 500 Albums list on such websites as “” and “”. These are based on the idea of forgetting about the 1960s, and given that I have never owned any of that author’s favourite albums, I cannot agree.

First, the list posted on the web is not the same as that in the Rolling Stone book, second I doubt anyone I know has even listened to many of the albums listed.

Seems the real intent of this list is to generate sales of albums that may have missed the boat first time around

Some of the choices are so far out of keeping with the content that one would expect of Rolling Stone, I must think that they like so many of the bands have sold out …

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