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R&RR Reviews THE Metal Night of All Metal Nights at Canadian Music Week 2010

A night of talent; a night of metal; a night of being a sardine with booze!

Last week I had the opportunity to be at Canadian Music Week 2010 and to scope out some of the showcases that took place from Wednesday to Saturday. One of the nights I was anticipating the most was the Metal Blade & Exclaim! Magazine showcase being held at the The Bovine (rumour has it that it may close down soon, what a shame!) The lineup announced for this night was just incredible and when I heard one of my favorite Toronto metal bands, Titan, was closing the night; I made a deal with the devil and had to be there!

The showcase’s lineup was: Assassinate The Following, Starring Janet Leigh, Aeternam, Barn Burner, Bison B.C. and, of course, Titan. Unfortunately, once I finally arrived at The Bovine I had missed the first three bands since I waited about 45 minutes outside due to the lineup. When I finally did get in, it was crammed, and I mean crammed, with not even enough room to move my elbows, but the night did have its special moments with a mini mosh pit going on and maybe even a few punches to a few faces (inside joke for those who were there.)

It was great to see the Barn Barner crew kick off my night and see one my hometown favorites from Montreal as they rocked the joint. Freshly signed to Metal Blade, they put on a show for the Toronto crowd and de-virginized them with an amazing set. I’m sorry to say that it was so packed inside The Bovine that I got pushed to the back and couldn’t see the whole set, but they did rock it and the crowd reaction was extremely positive for these guys. Never a disappointment from them.

Next on stage was Bison B.C. I had seen these guys only once before in Montreal, and their album Quiet Earth is still high up on my iPod listing sessions, especially the song Wendigo Pt. 1 which is never a boring listen, and I was really looking forward to hearing that song live again. Once the band hit that stage, the crowd got rowdy and was unbelievably ready to be headbanging. Bison B.C. played tracks off of Quiet Earth and Earthbound and some from the new album, Dark Ages (out April 13th). To be honest, the booze in The Bovine was flying and at some points the crowd got louder than Bison B.C. Just awesome!

So, to end the night, Titan hit the stage around 2 a.m. Last band, lots of people, lots of booze and it’s needless to say that it was an unforgettable set. I made my way to the front of the stage, getting there while they were setting up their gear, and I was really stoked on seeing this band up close. As I padded my ears up; I was ready to be wowed again. They couldn’t have made a better selection than opening up their set with Glory of The Fleet. It was funny ’cause in the crowd there were some haters already summing up that Titan wasn’t great and oh boy did they swallow their words at the end. Like I said, Glory of the Fleet was the opening song and it was just crushing! It was like a wall of sound knocked down all the chess pieces to only have them get back up and bow to the king. And kings they are! Titan demolished all preconceived notions and they gave the heaviest and most brutal set I have seen in a long time. Even though I’d seen these guys previously, this was absolutely my favourite one. By their second song the mosh pit began and if you’ve been in The Bovine you know it isn’t the grandest and largest venue, it fits max 200, and at a few points during that set I almost felt like I was fighting for my life as the crowd was shoving closer and closer to the stage. I felt the wall of sound pound against my chest and it was the main thing keeping me alert to pushing people back. I felt this was my show and the rest of ya could screw off! Getting more and more hyped in the set, the impeccable solidness of Titan became more and more evident as both guitarists ripped like it was child’s play, the drummer was solid and the vocalist delivered screams that were just haunting. All I can say is: HAIL TITAN!!!

Quiet Earth

Dark Ages