Sandman Viper Command bring the greasy!

I have to be honest and say that the first time I listened to Sandman Viper Command, I was not impressed. It was once I heard them live at Le Divan Orange in Montreal that my appreciation for them grew. Their gig convinced me that this band is worth paying attention to. What made me change my mind about them was their great enthusiasm and their ability to create a rich sound for their audience. During their performance, the four boys (Rob Janson, Daniel Reardon, Matt Meyer and Aaron Harvey) proved that they are pretty good at what they do: their instruments were always in harmony with one another, and I could tell that there was an honest collaboration between each member of the band.  By the end of their show, I could even see some similarities between their sound and that of The Rolling Stones. Overall, this is a talented band that delivers songs that are a good mix of garage rock inspired by the 1960s and indie pop.

Q) What is the main message your music tries to convey?

A) We like our music to send a good time vibe that will make our audience feel fresh. With the mix of the lyrics and the instruments, we aim to make a sound that’s deep and that connects with the audience.

Q) I like the name of your band, it’s appealing, how did you come up with it?

A) It’s from the movie “Outbreak.” In one of the scenes two of the main characters are yelling to one another the words “sandman” and “viper.” We just thought that it sounded good and added “command.”

Q) What has been the best compliment that you have received so far?

A) A lot of the bands that we respect have said that they like our sound, which is quite satisfying to hear!

Q) How has your inspiration changed since starting the band?

A) We used to play an older sound, now it’s more existing, more fresh. We have been able to bring a new life into it, which makes the tracks more alive.

Q) What do you listen to while touring?

A) We have a huge CD case that’s always in our van, so it varies. It goes from The Beatles to Neil Young, to pretty much any band from the 1970s.

Q) What is the one word that could best describe your sound?

A) Greasy!

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