Satisfying Your Rock and Roll News Cravings

As you may have noticed, The Rock and Roll Report is more of a filter than a news site per se and I don’t anticipate that changing anytime soon. While I may report on tour dates or significant news from “major” bands that I like, for the most part I leave that up to the many, many music news sites on the Web. Plus, what might be considered “major” in my neck of the woods (The High Dials, Sloan, The Tragically Hip) might be considerably less so in yours so forgive my indulgence. That said, the mission of The Rock and Roll Report continues to be searching out those bands, labels, radio shows and websites that to me epitomize rock and roll but are perhaps currently just under the mainstream radar, plus all the other rock and roll related categories that I have been yammering on about in the past. One news site that I use quite a bit is the Ultimate Band List’s Music News which gathers together all of the current headlines from publications like Rolling Stone, NME, MTV/VH1, Chart and This Day in Rock in one convenient website. You just click on the news item that interests you and it brings you to the actual page hosting the information. I would love to have a section on this site with continuously updated rock and roll news but right now I don’t have the tech savvy or time to put it together so the UBL site is probably your best bet for mainstream stuff like that. Anyways, the majority of stuff that I am interested in these days is not even covered in those publications (until they “hit it big”) so the point is moot anyhow. Remember, whether it’s major label or indie, commercial radio or community, rock and roll is rock and roll and I hope to help you find some of the best that’s out there so please keep reading. The response I have been getting from people who really love their rock and roll has been both phenomenal and humbling. Thanks for the comments, tips, feedback and generally nice words. Writing this has been a blast. In fact, since rock and roll is such a social medium with the more people involved the merrier, let me know of anything rock and roll that you think others might want to hear about. I am merely a rock and roll conduit to the people that matter most- the fans of niche-free rock and roll! Let the good times roll. Thanks.