Triple R Girl

Women Who Rock! Say Hi to Rock and Roll Quadruple Threat and Triple R Girl Nikita Latijera!

Nikita Latijera is a Los Angeles based quadruple threat. She sings, she is a pro model, she is SAG, AFTRA and ASCAP as well as a celebrity bartender.

She is the lead singer of Hear Kitty Kitty. The next coolest girl band you have not heard of yet.
Picture: Green Day meets the Distillers meets Nirvana with a splash! of Johnny Thunders…
Oh and by the way… they are really hot.

Niki has worked with an eclectic group of notables since she moved to LA from NYC to be a rock n roll star.
We wont name them all. but.

*her first record included john dolmayan of System of a Down on drums on 1 track and Chris Vrenna from NIN on all the others and Tommy Stinson (Replacements, GnR) on bass.
*she co wrote 26 songs with Kim Fowley (runaways)
*she was picked out of 1000 girls to front a project for mega accomplished Los Angeles based EMI songwriter Jimmy Harry (Britney Spears, Ashley Simpson, Ryan Cabrerra, Skye Sweetnam..)

*Her whole second record was licensed to MTV within 2 days of having a master and appeared on the MTV original programming, Surf Girls, Camp Jim and Laguna Beach.
*She performed at SXSW in 2006 and appeared on the SXSW compilation cd in 2007.
*working with Gina Schock of the GoGos, she got a spec deal with Interscope and it was slated the old school girl band would be handing down the torch when all of sudden, Niki’s long term boyfriend, Roxy Michaels (the Undead-ex Misfits, Marky Ramone Band, Texas Terri) passed away on Thanksgiving day, 2005.

Since then, Niki has done a lot of modeling and written a lot of music and was offered another deal she passed on. She also had a lot of time to think and decided to let Hear Kitty Kitty be a way to reach out and help people for we are all an army of one. She is currently mixing her latest record, already overdue at MTV and Hear Kitty Kitty will be doing its first US tour FEB/Mar 2009.

Other projects slated for 2009:

-her very own, Meow records
-a non profit deicated in Roxy’s honor to help troubled teens and provide musicians assistance
-a quarterly fund dedicated in her mothers memory for cancer research
-a Sunday morning cartoon geared towards making a difference in the lives of girls age 6-16 including a big sister program
-and finally, a based on reality screenplay, “The Adventures of Niki Meow”

Hopefully, for all she has learned she can help others and love and music will transcend all.

“If I can save just 1 girls Prince Charming or one child’s mother- my life and its trials will be worth something. I took the more difficult road. for sure. and when i look back on it all. Hope to say the knowledge I acquired. Made all the difference.”

Hear Kitty Kitty is also in the works beginning their own reality show.

To say hi, ask the girls a question or see if they r coming to your town, check out Hear Kitty Kitty on My Space right. about. meow.

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