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Seizing the Means of Production: The Future of Music Coalition

Throughout the history of rock and roll there has been a continuous tug of war between the artists on the one hand and the record labels on the other, and it is the artists who have almost always ended up the losers. The addition of technology like Internet downloads and computerized, home based recording solutions has considerably altered the landscape. But has it really? The Future of Music Coalition exits to ensure that artists have their say on the most important music and technology issues of the day. Their web site is chock full of information that any music fan and certainly all musicians should read and digest. The future can be a windfall for the protection and enhancement of the rights of artists as long as it is not just the big record labels and technology companies dominating the debate. To a musician, music as a vocation is a life choice that involves much more than just making money, but money is a necessity for their very survival. The FOMC is looking to put the artist in control of their own future by speaking up on their behalf now. The future of musical diversity hangs in the balance and groups like the FOMC are necessary for a balanced debate. Check it out and make up your own mind.