Site News

It’s been about 2 weeks since I started this blog and I am having a blast putting it together. I have had nothing but positive feedback from all 3 of my readers (thanks mom!) and I am already looking forward to moving it all up a notch.
In the next couple of months I want to move to some more sophisticated software. It has to support public comments, a searchable archives, e-mail notification of site updates and the ability to create posts in advance and automatically have the software upload them according to a schedule I create. So far I’m evaluating Radio Userland, Movable Type, Live Journal and Type Pad. In the more immediate future I will dive into the HTML code of my basic free Blogger site and at the very least reduce the size of the fonts and maybe change the typeface. In the distant future will be a move to, which I now own (don’t click on it now, nothing to see, move along). The search is also on for a used “Flower Power” iMac Special Edition. Why? Because it looks cool! Any and all comments and suggestions are appreciated!