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This band has the most awesome singer that you guys have never heard in your life, great band also, please tell me how you can help them with exposure or getting signed to a record deal, They also have a two part band called the crows, if you click on the crows song list, and photos you will hear a bunch of originals, the awesome singer is a very pretty 21 yr. old named ilana, you can call me also, my name is barry and i would appreciate a ph.# call if you would please ! Barry – 916-670-5516, thanx alot

A Velvet Underground fan, a Cinderella fan, an Allman Brothers fan, and a Howlin’ Wolf fan walk into a bar. Out walks Elvet Velvis. Making music they sometimes call “redneck metal,” although that really doesn’t get it. Whatever.

Hey guys – wondering if I can send you a physical copy of Trolley’s latest CD for possible review (or you can stream it at above link). I no longer have Scott Homewood’s mailing address. Thanks!


If you would be interested in covering this amazing story and would like a special edition cd for review purposes let us know where to send one and please view previous Rocksound,Metal Hammer,Kerrang,Terrorizer reviews attached , many thanks

“It’s been a while since Britain produced a genuine metal band of world class quality.” Primary Slave review, Kerrang, (2000)

From beyond the abyss, from beyond the veil, Primary Slave are back from beyond the Grave….

The long-awaited second album by acclaimed futuristic metallers PRIMARY SLAVE is finally here.

ANOTHER MARK IS DRAWN is the mastermind of Primary Slave singer-song writer and guitarist, Mark Giltrow, who spent the last two-years of his life perfecting and recording the album with drummer Grayham Lyons (G)

Sadly, he never lived to see the completed album. Mark died in 2006 in a motorcycle accident, leaving behind an unfinished symphony of killer songs, fierce melodies, ripping guitars and gravity-defying vocals. Aged just 31.

The album was nearly lost (due to a failed hard drive) but thanks to the perseverance and dedication of Neale Dunham (Fifth Amendment guitarist), Horace Martin (Data Plague producer) and Chris Dunham (computer guru) it was saved. Financed completely by friends and family, grabbing cheap or free studio time where and whenever possible, there is a sense that much time has been spent on every part to try and maximise its impact.

The ghost in the machine was an eternal fixture, the law of sod was maximised. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong and then some.

From the bitterest of tears the sweetest nectar is created.

The result is a legacy of pure musical genius. Named in honor of Mark, ANOTHER MARK IS DRAWN has an intensity that will blow you away, It’s taken four years but the results were worth it.The album has lighter songs with striking, emotive melodies, along with darker, heavier tracks.

Each song tells a different story, while the stompingly aggressive “The Time It Takes To Die” is played with an almost a precognitive conviction.

ANOTHER MARK IS DRAWN is out on the indie label, One Eyed Toad. It is available to download on for just £1 for the entire album. Or you can buy a limited edition CD with exclusive artwork by Primary Slave designer, Ian Foxon.

Credits for the album go to:

Mark Giltrow, Songwriter, vocalist, lead guitars, bass

Graham Lyons, Drums

Horace Noidea, Album producer

Neale Dunham, Post production, additional guitars

Lee Dunham, Additional guitars

Chris Dunham, Technical support and video production

Ian Foxon – Artwork

R.I.P Mark Giltrow, Dec 1974- Apr 2006

Background information:

Primary Slave was originally formed by Paul Allender (Cradle of Filth) and signed to Visible Noise in 2000. Paul left to return to Cradle of Filth shortly after. Primary Slave with the line-up of Mark Giltrow (vocals/guitar), Lee Dunham (guitar), Graham Lyons (drums) and David Palser (bassist) released their debut album Data Plague in late 2000 to rave reviews.

The long-awaited second album, ANOTHER MARK IS DRAWN is released today.

Notes to Editors:

1. This press release has been put together by Clare Giltrow Copywriting. For more information, please contact Clare on 07812 157643.

2. Attached with the press release is a copy of the album for review purposes only.

3. Reviews of Primary Slave’s debut album, Data Plague are also included.




Hello, I’m Sabrina Maran and I work for the press office of rock music label Cherry Lips Records. In May we will release Max Navarro’s new album “Hard Times” and we would like to know if you’re interested in receiving it for a review. If you're interested, please can you tell me where to send the package?
This is the link to the preview of the album on Youtube:
Max Navarro – “Hard Times”

In case you are not interested in receiving the material, please kindly inform us, so we do not bother you further.

Thank you for your kind attention.
Best Regards
Sabrina Maran

I live in a music bubble called Miami.  We have 1 rock station and it's only classic rock, so the internet is my only source for new rock music.  Problem is, I'm having difficulty finding out the names of new songs and bands coming out on the major labels.  I found a list of songs from 2008 that you posted on your site and it was very helpfull.  Could you maybe refer me to a list of new rock songs released by major lavels in 2012.  I would really appreciate it.
Dracula :[

Mark Boudreau, 

Videographer PJ Stratton and host Leah Cevoli at 2010 Golden Gods Awards for Rock & Roll Report TV. Mark Boudreau promised me a producer credit in exchange for the footage; he conveniently omitted it.  Please correct this information in the credit scroll.  Thank you. PJ Stratton, Producer / Rock & Roll Report TV.

This is for Scott Homewood –

I'd like to send you, if acceptable, a digital copy of our new record. You wrote a great review of 'My Friends Are My Estate' several years ago. Thanking you, Mark

hey rock n rollers, we're a new band that just recorded and released our self-titled debut.

you can stream it or a free download here:

we're independent so if a review was possible that'd be great. big thanks,

mick dee. -bw

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