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Small Webcasters sue RIAA according to CNET

According to this article “Small Webcasters sue RIAA” on CNET news, the Webcaster Alliance is going to take on the RIAA in the only place that you can solve problems in the U.S., they’re taking them to court. I really, really have a hard time agreeing with anything the RIAA says and does these days and that is unfortunate since legitimate debate has all but disappeared when it comes to major label control of music distribution. They just don’t seem to give a shit about music which is after all the only reason that they exist. God help us if Americans should have any form of musical diversity on the airwaves and in the record racks. Listen to what we say to listen to shouts the RIAA and if you don’t like it, tough. What the hell are they afraid of?
More details and a good summary can be found here.