“So have Britain’s rock dinosaurs produced their last roar?”

“So have Britain’s rock dinosaurs produced their last roar?” This is the question that the Christian Science Monitor asks in the article Can’t get no satisfaction – from new songs. It makes a very good point about other genres of music like blues and jazz when it states “Jazz and blues audiences nurture their legends, many of whom remain productive into old age.” I suppose it’s debatable whether artists like Sting or the Who have remained productive since that is quite a subjective term. My personal reference post, the Rolling Stones, have remained consistently inconsistent throughout their forty year career, something that tends to endear me to them still. I mean, except for the fertile “Beggars Banquet” into the “Mick Taylor” years where almost everything was of a high caliber, The Stones have always managed to slip in a couple of gems amidst the dross and “Bridges to Babylon” was no different. They have always operated like that. I think the point should be that any artist should not be obliged to hang up their instrument, whether it being a fountain pen, paint brush or guitar due to age. Rock and roll will forever be a young person’s game for sure but just try telling that to Keith Richards. If you feel the need to create, age should not be a restriction. If you have something to say, say it. That is something that should never change. Thanks to Coolfer for the link.