So the Guy Who Owned CBGBs Was Really Loaded. Thanks for Nothing Buddy!


So it appears that Hilly Kristal was really loaded when he closed down the famed CBGB club last fall due he said to an increase in rent. Not really sure what to make of this since CBGB was really a hole if you ever had the pleasure of visiting, rock and roll history be damned.

On other CBGB-related news, MVD will be releasing a series of live recordings from the club recorded from the ’80s to the ’00s. The initial offerings will come from Mooney Suzuki, The Queers, and H2O. More are expected to be announced in the fourth quarter of 2007, including some limited edition vinyl releases.

I certainly don’t deny CBGBs and Mr. Kristal their due but I don’t buy the reason why it was closed and then magically an announcement comes that they will re-open in Las Vegas. It’s just another rock and roll asset to be exploited, just like the famed “Fillmore” name which is now gracing a whole bunch of venues with no relation to the Fillmore’s East or West. More power to them I suppose but let’s not forget what made those clubs the institutions that they became. It was all about the music baby…