Record Labels

So you’re looking for a record store?

If you are looking to buy some CDs, screw the Walmarts and Best Buys and go indie. That’s about the only way I can say it. The big box chains won’t miss your business but the small indie record stores desperately need it. Add to that the fact that they are run by music fans often with an encyclopedic knowledge of all kinds of music with a selection of the obscure and eclectic mixed in with the usual assortment of stuff that you would find at these other places anyways and you can see that there is really no good reason for you to not shop at an indie record store. I have already trumpeted the excellent website Record Store Review (vital rock and roll intelligence) but if you live in the U.S. you might also like to check out a record store which is a member of the Coalition of Independent Music Stores. These stores need your business. You need your rock and roll fix. What are you waiting for? Consider this an invitation to go indie now. Thanks.