So you want to be a rock and roll star? A restatement of purpose.

I created The Rock and Roll Report for the sole purpose of celebrating all things rock and roll. By spotlighting rock and roll bands, record labels, radio shows, magazines and websites I aim to prove that rock and roll is not only alive and kicking but flourishing beneath the otherwise occupied media spotlight. The response that I have been getting from bands, record labels, website owners and radio people has been overwhelmingly positive and this just re-invigorates me every time I get depressed hearing about another “American Idol” wannabe but one part of The Rock and Roll Report that I have not been putting as much effort into as I should is “So you want to be a rock and roll star” which is my category related to all things involved in making rock and roll music. With software like Garageband and opportunities like Little Steven’s Rockin’ Garage, the opportunity to make rock and roll has never been better. As a listener of rock and roll you might find that its’ incredibly varied history is so inspirational to you that you feel the need to make some noise on your own and The Rock and Roll Report hopes to encourage you in your musical journey by offering you a guide to as many of the resources available to musicians today as possible. A first step in this direction was becoming a member of the Music Dish Network, an incredible resource on the web for indie musicians of all (white!) stripes. Being a member of Music Dish allows me to re-publish extremely informative articles on everything from the legalities of a record contract, independent CD distribution and a guide to putting your music online. As The Rock and Roll Report continues to grow, I hope that the incredible music that it highlights inspires just a few of you to pick up a guitar or microphone (or better yet a harmonica as there is just not enough harmonica in rock and roll these days) and hit the rock and roll trail for the simple pleasure of wanting to make great music. The road is hard, the pay sucks but the rewards are greater than anything you could possibly imagine. In attempting to point you in the right direction, The Rock and Roll Report is simply ensuring that it will always have a future as it thrives on rock and roll continuing to evolve, expand and envelope the world. The current plan is to consolidate posts related to making rock and roll under the “So you want to be a rock and roll star?” banner on Thursdays but as usual this is subject to change but I’ll do the best that I can. Just think, before too long you to will have the tools that might just enable you to be the next Keith Richards (hey don’t laugh, the guy will probably outlive us all!). Now off to the music store you go.