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So You Want to Be a Rock and Roll Star? Home Recording Connection

So you’re looking to start some recording at home but you don’t know your mic from your MIDI? Can’t figure out why their is no phantom power to your XLR jacks? And what the hell does THAT knob do? Rest easy my rock and roll home recording newbie because the Home Recording Connection will turn you into the next Mutt Lange before you can say “pass the boom stand.” The Home Recording Collection is a treasure trove of free how-to articles and hints and tips to make your home recording project go as smoothly as possible. In addition, the multitude of equipment and software reviews will make putting together your home studio as painless as possible. On top of all that, the HRC Pro Program is a paid program which provides you with online storage space, special forums, a personal blog and a bunch of other benefits that might be worth investigating. With resources like these, there is no reason why you shouldn’t sound like that rock and roll band you know that you are. Good luck.