So you want to start a garage band?

Technology has evolved quite a bit since the days of me and my bandmates huddling around a tiny Tascam Portastudio trying to put together the definitive rock and roll record. The choices available in both hardware and software is absolutely incredible. If you own a Mac, or are thinking of getting one in the near future, you might just want to check out their brand spanking new audio software that they introduced at Macworld this week called GarageBand (part of their iLife suite). Very cool, very cheap, very powerful, GarageBand could very well be the thing to catapult you to rock and roll fame and fortune! Who needs George Martin or Glyn Johns!


  1. I really wan to start a garage band. But theres inly one promblem. I live in apartments! I’ve considered using other peoples garages but that just doesn’t cut it. Im into like christian pop and punk Im a goth but still am very religous and I love to sing about god and jesus but I really wan to do it in a gruop so that there is also cool music to go with the lyrics!
    – Gbandchick

  2. My name is David and I really want to start a GB. I have everything I need, Mics, Drum set, Guitar, Bass, A couple amps, All th wires I need to make the sound come from the amps and people to play the stuff but none of them really want to, I guess what I’m trying to say is ‘how do I get my band to really care about making a band they think the whole idea is cool be don’t do anything about it’
    What should I do?…
    Singed -Band member wannabe

  3. Yeah i got everything i need exept for a bass and none of my bandmates don’t wan’t to buy one or the amp for it.And we’re young none of them have passed their 1st communion yet but i did…and i was thinking about buying them(the supplies) but i’m not sure.

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