Some cool updates for your rock and roll reading pleasure

There is some great new stuff out there that you might want to read so here is a quick round-up and please forgive my tardiness as August is almost upon us:
Perfect Sound Forever has some great stuff in their latest issue including a feature on Alex Chilton, The Eels, Mission of Burma and the Irish music industry. Essential reading as usual.
Exiled on Main Street # 39 is finally out with a great aricle on those rock and roll revolutionaries The Coasters (!) as well as the usual grab bag of fun stuff. Thank you Bill.
The Shindig July 2004 reviews are in with a typically spot on selection of fine rock and roll being reviewed and dissected including Brian Wilson’s latest.
Finally, if you haven’t checked out Fufkin recently get over there now to read the July 2004 issue with a feature on the late great Marlon Brando and Ric Menck of “Now this is Rock ‘n’ Roll” featured band Velvet Crush.
Until next month.