Some Major Label Band News and Other Stuff

There are in my mind a bunch of major label bands that I think are well worth the effort and there are recording plans afoot for most of them.
The Hives are heading to the U.S. to record their follow-up to Veni Vidi Vicious (released four years ago!) with plenty of touring plans this summer. A great band who don’t seem to have a functioning website from what I can tell.
REM are ready to put their finishing touches on the follow-up to Reveal (great summer record) with a release date this fall and a major world tour in early 2005. They recorded the bulk of the album in Vancouver and at historic Compass Point Studios in the Bahamas with an album described as “melodic.” Always look forward to what Peter Buck and the boys have up their sleeves.
The Darkness will be returning to the studio with that guy married to Shania Twain, ummm what’s his name? Oh ya Mutt Lange. Now that pairing will officially mark the return of bombastic cock rock and we all should look forward to it as somewhat of an antidote to Simon and his friends over at American Idol.
The Vines now officially have their own iPod commercial (Quicktime required). Good God I thought that the concept of videos was bad enough for rock and roll but now we have bands doing commercials! Still a cool band though.
Finally, if you ever needed an excuse to go to Milwaukee (schlemeel, schlamazol) then Summerfest 2004 sounds like the event that will do it. Featuring bands like Jet, The Darkness, Los Lobos and The Donnas this 11 day fest sounds really cool.