Odds & Sods

Some Rock and Roll News from the Middle East

Two items rock and roll items on the menu from the Middle East today.
The first is an interesting story on what the American soldiers in Iraq are doing for some musical entertainment in a war zone. Titled G.I.’s in Iraq Tote Their Own Pop Culture, this New York Times article (registration required yada yada) details the operation of the American Forces Network, a sharp contrast to the feature on the real “Good Morning Vietnam” that I posted about a couple of weeks ago but still serving the same purpose, although I gotta say that a good dose of Little Steven’s Underground Garage sounds like it would be a much needed rock and roll boost for the troops.
The second item is this tidbit on Aversion about French record label Tien An Man 89 Records and their plans to release the first ever collection of Iranian punk bands. Now I have covered Iranian rock and roll before but this sounds really interesting. Not only that but the label is an extremely cool idea so check this out. A great idea in my books.