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Song of the Week: “Who Taught You To Live Like That?” By Sloan

MySpace has a very cool feature which allows you to easily add a song from any of the bands on MySpace to your page with a click of a button. This feature is so easy that it took me only about three weeks to figure out how to click “add” but now that I have mastered that skill I present to you a new feature here on The Rock and Roll Report called “Song of the Week.” Every Friday I will change the song on The Rock and Roll Report’s MySpace ( page to something cool that I have discovered over the last few weeks putting together both the website and radio show.

For the last few weeks I had featured “Louder” by Los Angeles based band The Piper Downs, a great band that I have played on the radio show a few times already.

This week I am featuring the brand new single “Who Taught You to Live Like That?” by Halifax, Nova Scotia natives Sloan. A personal favourite of mine, Sloan have just released their brand new CD Never Hear the End of It, a mammoth collection of 29 songs that is an amazing collection of typically great Sloan tracks contributed by all the members of the band.

I will be adding something similar to the main website at The Rock and Roll Report, probably using something like Pandora so there will be some music streaming through the site as well but I first have to figure out how. That should be ready in about two years!

Thanks for reading (and listening). Have a great weekend!