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Sonia- No Bomb Is Smart

SONIA: No Bomb Is Smart
Once every so long you find something that shapes your perception, influences your way of thinking and feeling… takes you to a whole new level of understanding the world. The greatest influence in this world is the truth, and music is its strongest form. Sonia’s ‘No Bomb Is Smart’ masterpiece of an album, expresses the brutal, terrifying, authentic, beautiful and real values of the world we live in.
Sonia, a relatively unknown artist in the world (unfortunately), provides a mystical journey from acoustic folk pop to blues rock, and finally to the climax of the album, the inspirational-all inspiring ‘The Other Man’. The album starts off with the cosmic enchantment of ‘No More Songs’, taking a Phil Ochs original through a warm bed of luscious strings, expressing music the only way she knows how to; magically… The acoustic driven ‘Won’t Let Go’ speaks of hope and idealistic dreams; singing “dad, I’m going to be a big star”. From the peaceful, absorbing ‘Won’t Let Go’, Sonia makes elegant steps into a powerful ‘I Am The Enemy’- taking Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ idea to a whole new level. Sonia ventures into a whirl-wind of political statements in ‘No Bomb is Smart’; heroically singing “CNN how can you glorify this drama…have you noticed that America’s on fire…fuelled by the high octane Bush bang bang empire”. This extraordinary album ends with a climatic ‘The Other Man’, describing the consequences of not voting and not caring, leaving the listeners with the heart-trenching piano ballad ‘Rio’s Home’.
This album is truly magical, it evokes the bravery and wisdom of John Lennon and the musical genius of Joni Mitchell- do not overlook this album, its better then any of the superficial, meaningless sounds out there on radio. Not sure where the world is?.. not sure who the world is?, this album is the answer.

By Ari Schwartz