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SSBO Music ™ Launches New Music Download Store for Independent Bands and Record Companies

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 3, 2006 – SSBO Music™ today announces that it has launched its official website to promote independent recording artists and record companies by selling its music in the traditional format of CD and MP3 at ( for a membership fee of $35.00 by life. Samuel Beniquez president of SSBO Group™ (, a public relations agency for bands and record companies disclosed today the launch of his latest music venture the SSBO Music™. Samuel, a music entrepreneur decided to create this website, where the Independent Bands as well as also the record companies can sell its music in digital format MP3 and in the traditional format of CD. One of the core missions is to promote artist advocacy and to make social consciousness by donating 5 percent of all CD and download sales to charitable foundations.

Music downloads are raking in millions every day now… all has changed since the early free music downloads from Napster. The music industry last year brought in a billion and a half dollars and expects this year to more than double that figure, selling digital music files to all the new iPod owners. By this reason is that Samuel created the store SSBO Music™ (, therefore desires that all the Independent Bands and Record Companies can take its portion of these billionaire profits.

SSBO Music™ is the first music download service that will offer high-fidelity music downloads, prepared also to include the complete digital music libraries of all the major music labels that desire to offer their music through the SSBO Music website. Ordinary music download stores provide music at data rates of 128 to 192 kbps (kilobytes per second); while SSBO Music’s Media Audio Downloads reproduce music at up to 1100 kbps, delivering the true sound quality of the original CD.

Our goal is to change the music industry with the SSBO Music. We promote quality music and new artists, allowing people to hear the best in Independent music first before groups become main-stream. Our marketing will give bands all access to promotions to millions of fans of independent music,” said Samuel Beniquez, Co-founder of the SSBO Music, Corp.