Standing Out From the Crowd: Jukebox the Ghost


If someone comes up with a sound that people seem to gravitate to, that is when you see many other bands and musicians trying to adopt that style as their own. One group of musicians that is succeeding in setting themselves apart from the crowd is a trio from the Washington, D.C. area.

Pianist/vocalist Ben Thornewill, guitarist/vocalist Tommy Siegel, and drummer Jesse Kristin have been performing together since 2004. However, it wasn’t until the three musicians regrouped after a nine-month hiatus from their first project that they refocused their energy to create a sound that helps set them apart from the countless other piano-based pop trios out there.

Thornewill, Siegel and Kristin have been performing under the moniker of Jukebox the Ghost since 2006. Although a Ben Folds Five reference is obvious, Jukebox the Ghost is far from being a carbon copy. One major difference between the bands is that while Ben Folds Five contains piano, drums and bass, Jukebox the Ghost features a guitarist and exists without anyone playing the bass, electric or otherwise.

After the trio had spent some time existing as Jukebox the Ghost, they went into the recording studio to create the 2007 self-titled release. It was this release that helped introduce the band to the world. And it’s also this release that landed on the year-end Best Of list for the radio station WOXY.

With their self-titled release under their belt, the band has made a lot of noise in the music industry. Part of the band’s success includes performing at CMJ in ’07 and SxSW in March ’08.

Having had success with just an EP, Jukebox the Ghost went back into the studio to create their first album. Let Live and Let Ghosts is one of those rare releases that is just fun to listen to. From the absolutely infectious first track of Good Day to the final track of A Matter of Time, the album contains many songs that will have you singing along and moving to the music. A good one/two combination comes from the songs My Heart’s The Same and Lighting Myself on Fire. These two tracks provide good examples of songwriting abilities and also provide proof that the band members really have the training to play their instruments proficiently.

If you like pop music, the guys in Jukebox the Ghost have a winner with their new release, Let Live and Let Ghosts. To check out the band and their music, go to Also check out the band’s MySpace account @

Matheson Kamin

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